Why the name, Golden Groomers?Why the name, Golden Groomers?


“We Treat Your Pet Like GOLD”

We’ve been asked that question. Where’d you come up with THAT name?? Most people just call their pet grooming shop something simple, like Kathy’s Dog Grooming or Great Dog Clip Joint. You understand.

It has to do with our LOVE of Golden Retrievers!!

If you like dogs, you’ll LOVE a Golden Retriever. They are energetic yet calm, playful and yet can be serious and they will do anything to please you. They are a family dog, a working dog, and sporting dog, and a wonderful all-around companion. They can run all day or lay at your feet all day. They just want to be with their people. It’s one reason why so many Goldens find their purpose as service dogs. So, when we were thinking about what name to put to the dog grooming shop, my wife and I looked at each other and said—-“GOLDEN GROOMERS!”

Yes, we groom almost any breed of dog that comes through the door, but our favorite is that big, furry ball of affection that’s all wrapped up in a package called a Golden Retriever. That said, rest assured that we LOVE all breeds, and we care for all of them the same way. Like they were our own and we “treat them like GOLD!”.