What’s Golden Groomers Like?What’s Golden Groomers Like?


“We treat your pets like GOLD!”

Most pet grooming shops work areas can’t be accessed by the client that comes in the door. IF you can see what’s going on, you can’t get to the animals anyway. There are several reasons for that. Some may be obvious, some not so much. For the most part, pet grooming shops are set up to keep the customer/client out of the work areas. Pets behave better when they can’t see their owners. Think little kids at the barber shop or the doctor’s office. There are other reasons for that though too. Not all grooming shops are created equal. Many shop owners see only dollar signs when they see your pet coming. They don’t always treat your furry four-legged friend nicely once you leave. If your dog or cat doesn’t want to be left at the groomers and it gets worse every time they go there, maybe that’s why.

We take a different approach to grooming your dog. Our shop is completely open so you can see what and where it happens. We are working on your dog ONLY. If you’ve got two and they both need groomed, we’ll do them both at the same time. But there won’t be any other dogs around to add to the stress. We even have the occasional client that stays here while we work on their dog. Most groomers won’t let you do that. Ever. Here, your dog gets our undivided attention, from start to finish. That way we know they’ve gotten the best care and Fido and you will WANT to come back, not the other way around.

Our company statement, “We treat your pets like GOLD!” means what it says. When you leave your dog with us, they get the best treatment of any grooming shop around. We treat your furry friend like they were our own. We have what I like to call a boutique dog grooming shop. We seem to specialize in older dogs that need the special attention that only a shop like this can give. Our shop is clean, calm, and quiet. You and your furry friend can rest assured that they will be taken care of as well as if you were standing right here next to them. We wouldn’t have it any other way.